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Message from PRIS President

Author: Dr Li Xu, IMRE, A*STAR. Venue: Singapore Polytechnic

Dear Members, I am very sure everyone of us is affected by the action of “Circuit Breaker” to fight against the highly infectious COVID-19 virus. PRIS AGM and social events have also to be postponed till further notice. However, life still needs to go on and our working committee (2019) will continue to hold our monthly meeting by internet and ensure PRIS is still in operation. We might still have chance to run the PRIS-SPCLS Training Course at end of 2020 if the situation gets better in July. We will update you when more information is available. In the meanwhile, let’s uses this crisis as an opportunity to have more dialogues and sharing of ideas and I wish to encourage you to post (SecretarySupport@pris.org.sg) your suggestions on how PRIS can improve further and please let me know if you wants to help up the operation of PRIS. Thank you for your supports to PRIS and we sure can get better after this crisis.