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  • 2 June 2014

    Transparent Plastic Composite Packaging

    By Dr Li Xu, IMRE, A*STAR.
    Venue: Singapore Polytechnic

  • Abstract

    Better food packaging is always in demand for preserving the nutritional value of food and keeping them clean, fresh and fit for consumption over sufficiently long storage period. Oxygen barrier property of materials used to wrap food plays an important role in making sure the product reaches consumer in the best possible condition. The application of plastic materials for food packaging is however hampered by their low oxygen barrier property. In my lab, in order to enhance the oxygen barrier property of plastic packaging film, a silicate polymer composite suspension is designed and synthesized, and the achieved composite suspension is laminated between plastic films to form three-layer food packaging film with excellent oxygen barrier property. The oxygen transmission rate of our film is less than 0.5cc/m 2 day, which is comparable to that of commercial available metalized plastic film. But our film is transparent and fabricated through a facile approach. In the end, I will give a brief introduction on our industry Coating and Packaging (ICAP) consortinum.