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  • 4 August 2008

    Tire Technology Part 1 (Abstract of Tire Technology Talk)

    Date: 4th August 2008
    Venue: Singapore Polytechnic
    Speaker: Sanjeev Kumar

    The main idea of this presentation was to make audience know the changing trend
    in tire manufacturing & technology.

    Items covered :
    • Definition of Tire, types of Tire, importance, Tire cross sectional details, main ingredients, Raw material pricing

    • Manufacturing of Tire involving different processes like Banbury mixing, Dual extruder(for extrusion of tread), 4-Roll calendar, Bias cutting, Bead making, Tire assembly/building, Tire painting, poking, Curing/vulcanization, Tire testing.

    • For radial building, importance of Steel belts from Steelastic machine & why 2-stage tire building.

    • Reading of sidewall engravings for radial tire & bias tire.

    • How technology changing from Bias to Radials & its benefits. Why fabric upgrading from cotton, rayon construction to nylon & polyester.

    • Urgent need for designing tread compounds with less of petroleum products and making of “green tire” for green environment

    • Premature Tire failures, how to counter that & enhance Tire life

    • New Technology innovations by Michelin using tread, shear band, deformable wheel & flexible spokes

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  • 31 March 2008

    REACH ( Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)

    Technical talk organized by OCCA
    Speaker: Dobbertin

    PRIS Response to the Invitation by OCCA

  • 25 March 2008

    Principles and Practice of Matting in Liquid Coatings

    Technical talk organized by OCCA
    Presentation by Janos Hajas

    PRIS Response to the Invitation by OCCA

  • 28 February 2008

    Laboratory-Mixers & Lab-Extruders for Nanocomposite Application

    By Mr Matthias Jahrling

  • 22 February 2008

    Understand, Control & Optimize Your Paint Cure Process

    Technical talk organized by OCCA
    Presentation by Mr Gerard Bisoni, Regional Sales Manager, Datapaq Ltd

    PRIS Response to the Invitation by OCCA