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Plastics & Rubber Singapore Journal
- An official publication of the Plastics and Rubber Institute of Singapore

About the Journal

The Plastics and Rubber Singapore Journal is a technical publication on the science and technology that drives the plastics and rubber industries. The journal aims to meet the interest and stimulate the growth of the local plastics and rubber industries, by introducing new ideas and concepts, and providing reviews of current technology and up-to-date information on new product and process equipment.

Distribution of the Journal

The Plastics and Rubber Singapore Journal is distributed free to all our members, the professionals, academic libraries and plastics and rubber sectors both in Singapore and overseas.

Update 11 March 2016: You can download a copy here. (Right-click and select "Save Target As...")


Advertisement on the Journal is welcome. Please contact Secretarial Support Agnes Siah for details. The advertisement will appear in the up-coming issue of the Plastics and Rubber Singapore Journal.